About me


Now that you've seen what I do, here is a little something about myself. I was born and raised in Sweden, but have lived in London for the past 10 years. Moving from a small village is Sweden to this big Metropolis was a huge - but welcome - change for me all those years ago. Since moving here I never tire of the inspiration I gain from walking in one of the many parks, or sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. I love city life but I still find the most peace walking in the beautiful parks in and around London. This is where I draw my inspiration from, and where I love holding my photography sessions - rivalled only by the lovely homes I visit which enable me to channel my passion for lifestyle photography. 

I have always loved photography and creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime. My favourite thing about visiting my childhood home in Sweden is flicking through the many photo albums my mum created of my siblings and me as we grew up. My wish is to help other families create memories that will last forever. 

Photography started as a hobby for me during my teenage years, developing into a passion, and most recently my livelihood. When my first child was born my passion flourished, as it was such a joy to photograph her and her friends, capturing the fantastic expressions these little people exude. I love capturing the essence of childhood and all that it entails; the joy on a little girl’s face as she runs through a meadow, the precious moment when a toddler boy gives his mum a huge hug on finding her during hide and seek, or the intimate connection between two new parents cuddling up with their new arrival on the sofa.


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