Now that you've seen what I do, here is a little something about myself. I was born and raised in Sweden, but lived in London for the past 14 years and most recently moved to Esher, Surrey in the summer of 2019. I loved city life but am so happy to be in Surrey which is more similiar to how I grew up in Sweden.

This is where I draw my inspiration from, and where I love holding my photography sessions - rivalled only by the lovely homes I visit which enable me to channel my passion for lifestyle photography. 


I have always loved photography and creating memories to be cherished for a lifetime. My favourite thing about visiting my childhood home in Sweden is flicking through the many photo albums my mum created of my siblings and me as we grew up. My wish is to help other families create memories that will last forever. 

Photography started as a hobby for me during my teenage years, developing into a passion. When my first child was born my passion flourished I started out taking pictures of her and her friends. I just loved capturing their little expressions, happy or sad. I have now worked as a proffessional photographer for 5 years.