Lifestyle Newborn Session

I always feel honoured when being invited to capture a newborn in their first few days or weeks. Having gone through it myself I know that those first few weeks are mainly a blur of sleep deprivation, milk, poop, amazingness and lots of tears. Preparing for a stranger to come in to your home to capture the little wonder you have just brought in to the world might seem very daunting, but the memories of those first moments with your baby is something I think is so important to capture and am sure you will treasure them forever.

They change so quickly..

I recently had a session with little Bay, 3 weeks, and her parents. Bay and her parents were such a joy to photograph and all the pictures from this blog are from that shot. I completely fell in love with Bay's nursery, you can see how much love and effort Hannah (mum) had put in to making this a special room for her new arrival. 

How to prepare for a Newborn photography lifestyle session

Planning the day with a new baby is not an easy task but there are a few ways you can help to make the session run smoothly.  

your BABY

I always ask that you to try to feed baby 15-30 min before I am due to arrive. That means that baby will (hopefully) be content when starting the session. My sessions are always baby lead so if baby needs to feed or get changed I will of course allow for that. I also ask you to prepare one or two outfit changes as well as any personal belongings you might want included - such as soft toys, hats and blankets. I do not bring any props with me to a session as I want photos to feel as personal as possible. I want it all to be about your baby, your home and your family.

your home

When I arrive I will have a little look around your home, please do not worry about the pile of dishes in the sink - you have a brand new baby to take care of, the last thing you need is to stress about tidying up. I am looking for the most suitable places for the session in terms of backdrops and lighting, I usually set up where the natural light is at it's best but also try to use most rooms such as the master bedroom, nursery and perhaps the living room. I might move things around to get a more suitable backdrop or to get a better light.

 I tend to do light posing with baby naked at some point of the session. For this reason please keep the heating on, baby will be the happiest during the session when it is hot to the point of us adults are sweating.


Being a new mum can be difficult, the first few weeks you might just want to spend in your pyjamas, you will probably not feel like yourself yet and might ask me to focus on photographing just the baby. That is absolutely fine and I completely respect that. However, this is a chance to capture the first bond you had with your brand new baby. I absolutely love to see the connection between a mother and her new baby, there is nothing else like it. So please (if you have the strength and energy) take some time for yourself before I arrived maybe see this a a chance to pamper yourself like you used to. Ask your husband to look after baby the night before, take a long bath, have a blow-dry and in the morning - put some make-up on to make you feel gorgeous.

I hope this blog was helpful and I hope you enjoy the images as well! Please comment below if you have any questions, feedback or if you just love the families gorgeous dog (see pic below).