Newborns, exciting news and a special offer

The first few weeks in your new baby's life is such a special time. It is amazing how quickly they change in those first few, hours, days and weeks. I sometimes struggle to remember when my daughter Freya was born, almost two and a half years ago, how time flew by in those early days. All I remember doing is sitting our sofa or bed and just looking into her little eyes,  kissing her cute little cheeks, feeding her, soothing her and taking lots of pictures and videos, which I sent to my husband when he went back to work.  During the weekdays it was just Freya and I in our own little bubble. 

I am so happy to say that our family is expanding and Freya will be a big sister at the beginning of August! I have a feeling that those long lazy lie-ins I so enjoyed when she was born will not happen this time, and that it will be a slightly more hectic experience this time!

Needless to say I am feeling more maternal than usual, so..

 I have decided to run a special offer for newborn photography during the month of April and May when the session fee will be reduced from £95 to £60. 

Digital images, prints or packages can be purchased separately at full cost, see my pricing here. Please contact me via email to book a session, the offer is available during weekdays in April and May.

The special offer is available for newborns up until they are 14 days so make sure to book before the baby arrives as I have limited availability!

My experience with newborn photography has up until recently mainly been with "oldborns", meaning that I have mainly photographed babies who are two weeks or older. The truth is that the best time to capture a newborn is in the first 5-14 days of their life. That is when they are still very sleepy and the still very much like to curl up like a little ball, just like they did in the womb.

I always try to keep my photography very natural so don't tend to bring many props but want to capture the new arrival just as they are in your home - sleeping in their new cot, wrapped in one of their own little blankets, snuggling with mummy or daddy.

Here are a few pictures of little Bertie, 12 days new, who I had the pleasure to photograph a couple of weeks ago. He was the cutest little thing and did a fantastic job in front of the camera, although he slept through most of it so I am not sure how much of it he will remember.